March 2014

Effects of children using video games

This one is a little off track from what I usually blog about but I felt this was worth the read. Some very interesting information for parents 🙂 Computer games [...]

December 2013

Time to change your passwords for social media

We all know that it's good technical sense to change our passwords from time to time.  But do we actually do it?  Now, more than ever, you need to change [...]

November 2013

How to speed up your website

Speed Up the Content The content should make up the majority of your pages. But as the majority of your pages, it is what you should focus on optimizing first. [...]

October 2013

The best browser for Windows, OS X, Android and iPads

The question has been asked so many times over the past few years and I myself have battled over the never ending question in all my web design conundrums.  I [...]

Do you really need a website?

Today I spent some time on line reading articles that I saved in my favourites bar and came across this great article written by By Ayelet Noff.  I have to agree completely [...]

September 2013

Why Blog?

Why Blog???   Drive traffic to your website: Your blog gives you the opportunity to create relevant content for your customers. Use this as a marketing tactic to drive traffic back [...]

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